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19-03-2014 Website compatability issues resolved. True Wod of God Church site has now been optimized to enhance performance quality accross multiple devices.

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14-03-2014 Website compatability issues resolved. However, we are yet to evoke the current changes on mobile phones. In the interim, you can now browse our content directly from your tablets.

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True Word of God Church is actively seeking enthusiastic and highly driven individuals who are willing to undertake duties in the the house of God. There are several areas of the church to which you can volunteer. Please use the volunteers form to contact us and one of our church leaders will be in touch. Thanks and God bless you for your interest.
Whilst you're here, why don't you take the opportunity to have a look at what's on offer in the programs section of our website. We at True Word of God Church will be thrilled to have your participation.

About Us

At True Word of God Church our objective is to glorify God. We place Jesus Christ at the centre of it all. Therefore Jesus Christ is the Leader, the Pastor and the team members are servants of Jesus Christ, and are brothers and sisters in Gods Church, God’s children.

True Word of God Church is for all of mankind. We embrace and wholeheartedly welcome, with love, anybody that would like to be in God’s presence. We are committed to building strong relationships with others but more importantly with God through preaching the truth of the bible.

We offer services that are encouraging and engaging. Our children’s programs are safe, fun, and led by people who consider it a privilege to invest in the lives of children and act as positive role models. Your child’s safety and welfare is a priority.

We are committed to creating a nurturing Church home for you, your family and friends and look forward to having you being in God’s presence with us at True Word of God Church.


Senior Servant in Christ
Lucky Ekhator